4 Reasons Why Your Chest Freezer Isn't Keeping Food Frozen And The Appliance Repairs That Can Help

4 Reasons Why Your Chest Freezer Isn't Keeping Food Frozen And The Appliance Repairs That Can Help

7 November 2022
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If you buy meat and other foods in bulk, a chest freezer will come in handy for storage. You can keep the freezer in your basement or garage so it's out of the way, yet you'll have plenty of room for storing large amounts of frozen food. 

The only problem is that it can be alarming when the freezer stops working and puts your food investment at risk. You'll need quick service from an appliance repair company so your food is saved.

Here are some possible reasons why your chest freezer isn't keeping your food frozen and the appliance repairs the freezer may need.

1. The Lid Seal Is Dirty Or Cracked

Just like a refrigerator, a chest freezer has a rubber seal around the door that keeps cold air from leaking out. If you haven't cleaned the seal in a long time, take a look at it and clean it with soapy water if it has food debris or grime built up. Also, look for gaps and cracks in the seal that keep it from doing its job. If the seal is bad, an appliance repair professional can replace it.

2. Fan Issues Cause Low Airflow

If one of the fans in your freezer has a bad motor or stuck fan blade, there might not be enough air circulating to keep the freezer cooled down and allow the refrigerant to work properly. The fan may need to be cleaned if it's dusty. If your chest freezer is in the basement or garage, dust could be a problem if you don't clean the appliance regularly. You may need to clean the fan and coil if you're able to access them.

A blade might also be bent or broken. If a blade is bad, it can be replaced by just switching a new one with the bad blade. If the motor is bad, the appliance repair professional will need to replace it with a matching replacement part.

3. The Compressor Could Be Bad

The compressor circulates the refrigerant through the freezer. If the compressor is bad, the repair professional may need to replace it. However, they may check other parts as well as the compressor to pinpoint the problem. In addition, the compressor can't do its job if there's a refrigerant leak. Fixing a compressor or refrigerant problem usually requires an experienced professional since these can be complex repairs.

4. The Freezer May Need To Be Defrosted

If frost covers the coils in your freezer, the refrigerant won't be able to cool the freezer down. If your freezer has an automatic defrost system, a part may need to be replaced. Chest freezers often need to be defrosted manually. To do that, you may need to find another place to store your food for a couple of days. However, you may want an appliance repair professional to verify the problem before you go to the trouble of moving your food.