Three Places To Use Scratch And Dent Appliances

Three Places To Use Scratch And Dent Appliances

15 November 2022
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When you visit any appliance store, it's common to find a scratch and dent section. This part of the store features appliances that typically have a minor amount of cosmetic damage. For example, a washing machine might have a dent on its side or a refrigerator might have a scratch on its door. A lot of shoppers look past this minor damage because these appliances are significantly marked down in price, making it possible to save a lot of money when you need one or more appliances. While you can use scratch and dent appliances in your own home, there are several other locations for which they can be a good fit.


Unless your cottage is extremely basic, it's common to have a few appliances. A dishwasher will be helpful during large gatherings, and you'll appreciate a washer and dryer during lengthy visits. If you're shopping for appliances for your cottage, it's worthwhile to consider the scratch and dent section. Buying from this section will help you keep your appliance expenses low, which is ideal because a lot of people try to avoid spending more than necessary to outfit this secondary dwelling. If your cottage has furniture or decorations that are old and worn, an appliance with a scratch or a dent will hardly seem out of place.

Rental Property

It can also be a good idea to shop for scratch and dent appliances if you own a rental property. Some rental tenants may be rough on the appliances and fixtures in their unit, which means that there's little point in you spending more money than necessary on pristine appliances that could sustain damage in the months and years ahead. Most tenants wouldn't object to moving into a unit that has appliances that feature a few small scratches or dents, so outfitting your rental property with these appliances shouldn't cause any issues.

In-Law Suite

If you're building an in-law suite as an addition to your home, you'll likely want to take steps to keep your expenses low. It can be nice to have a relative living in this space, but you don't want furnishing the space to stress you financially. This can be another good place to consider scratch and dent appliances. It's reasonable to expect that your relative will be excited by their new living arrangement and appreciative of whatever appliances you can provide them. Shop for one or more scratch and dent appliances and an appliance store in your area.