Three Benefits Of A Gas Dryer

Three Benefits Of A Gas Dryer

16 November 2022
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The first decision that you'll need to make when you visit an appliance store to shop for a new clothes dryer is whether you'll choose a gas dryer or an electric dryer. Both options are readily available from a long list of leading appliance manufacturers. You won't want to opt for a gas dryer if your laundry room doesn't have a gas hookup. However, if this part of your home is equipped for gas and has the right power outlet for an electric dryer, you'll have the option of choosing whatever type of dryer you want. Here are three benefits that you'll experience with a gas dryer.

Faster Drying Time

Gas dryers can run hotter than their electric counterparts, which is advantageous because it translates into a shorter drying time. If you have a large family, there's a good chance that you have to do several loads of laundry each week. Having a dryer that dries your clothing and linens quickly so that you can add another load will dramatically cut down on the amount of time you invest in doing your laundry. While the exact drying time will vary based on a variety of factors, you can count on a gas dryer getting the job done faster than an electric model.

Cost Savings

Because of how efficiently it runs, a gas dryer can save you money compared to using an electric dryer. Using an electric dryer for multiple loads every week can significantly increase the price of your monthly electric bill, which can be unfavorable. While your gas dryer use will also increase your gas bill, you can expect that the increase will be much less. Additionally, if gas is more affordable than electricity in your area, your purchase of a gas dryer will further save you money.

Less Static

When you've used an electric dryer, you've likely been aware of how certain articles of clothing can hold a lot of static when you take them out of the machine. In general, gas dryers don't create as much static when they run, which means that you won't experience the minor shocks that occur when handling static-filled garments. You may also be able to stop buying anti-static products, which will further save you money. Visit an appliance store in your community to browse its new dryers for sale, taking some time to carefully assess each of the models that run on gas. 

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